Case Study: Open Source

Portworx Inc.

Open Source Development

Portworx asked us to build some open source projects in a “clean-room” environment so their products would not be contaminated. For this client we managed three separate projects.

Custom Application Fork
The Portworx systems management interface required a secure remote management solution. They used OpenVPN to ensure back-end components could be managed securely. We built a specialized fork of the Open Source Tunnelblick client for the explicit purpose of accessing Portworx systems.

Open Source Volume Driver
We collaborated with VMWare/EMC to build an Open Source volume driver for the CoprHD plaform using the Portworx libopenstorage library. This driver allowed CoprHD users to create, use, and manage Docker volumes allocated from their existing SAN system.

Kubernetes Storage Automation Driver
Woking closely with Portworx we help developed the initial specification for the kubernetes volume automation platform that became Autopilot. This required developing Custom Resource Definitions and deep integration with Prometheus.