Case Study: MedTech

Measurement Vault Corporation

Medical Technology

An avid competitive fisherman with a background in the technology industry, one of Measurement Vault Corporation’s co-founders went searching for a non-invasive tool for measuring fish during competition. What he discovered along the way was that most measurements in medical disciplines, including prosthetics and physical therapy, are still made using manual tools such as tape measures and goniometers, or even just the physician’s best guess, producing rough, highly varied outcomes.

It was clear that the medical industry was desperately in need of exactly the type of technology that he’d been seeking, so he set out to find a partner to help build a 3D Imaging and Measurement Platform. He envisioned a portable and affordable iPad-based scanning system that would capture patient images in high-resolution 3D, allowing patient progress to be tracked via automated measurements, supporting the development of customized treatment plans.

At Model Rocket we immediately saw the potential of such a tool, and were excited to see that vision become a reality. Our understanding of HIPAA compliance, as well as our vast experience with cloud-based technologies, allowed us to accelerate the development process (delivering a prototype with full backend API in just three months) and adjust to new opportunities and use cases as Measurement Vault courted new partners (including the University of Pennsylvania), investors (including Wolfram Research), and prospective buyers.

The Measurement Vault Platform is a HIPAA compliant, AWS-based cloud platform that is used to manage patients, patient imaging, and computations. The backend has been developed using Go and C++ and the front end tools have been built using React Native, Objective C, and ReactJS. The platform’s tools support a number of different types of patient-related measurements, including distance between points, distance along a surface, surface area, volume, circumference, angles, and surface contours. For some of the more advanced computations we integrated with the Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud platform and worked closely with mathematicians at Wolfram to ensure computational accuracy. We also integrated the Point Clouds Library (C++) into AWS Lambda to align scans into common X,Y,Z coordinate space.

Despite Measurement Vault being a pre-revenue startup, the technology that we have built is currently being used to enhance physical therapy, improve breast reconstruction (research reviewed and approved by the University of Pennsylvania IRB), produce better-fitting prosthetics, aid efficient delivery of eye-ware, and support the treatment of lymphedema. Retail applications are also being explored, including fashion, sporting goods, and body armor.