There and back again…

“Been there. Done that.” is an understatement for our team. We have been involved and engaged in nearly every industrial adventure, from bio-technology to hospitality to aerospace and defense. Our understanding of technology allows us to build some amazing things, but it is our experience across a broad number of industries that allows us to do this with purpose and passion. Working with us to develop your products means we can tap into decades of problem solving, outside the box, and bring results that will always exceed your expectations.


BioTech and MedTech are incredibly fast growing, but highly regulated markets. We have experience with the FDA, HIPAA, and a few other obscure, but just as impressive, acronyms in the medical technology fields. We have built medical diagnostics tools, clinical operations tools, and a few other top-secret things here and there and in-between. They have in common a need for understanding compliance, privacy, and reliability, all of which we take great care and pride in our ability to accomplish.


The hospitality industry is almost purely experiential. Everything is about anticipating customers’ needs, even before they do, and then providing an instantaneous and gratifying response, even when things are seemingly going sideways. We have built award-winning customer relations tools and advanced communications platforms for hotels, restaurants, and online platforms that allow real-time, continuous communication and status updates increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We take food seriously. We have engaged in several AgTech projects, from in-ground sensors, to massive database systems that aggregate the world’s soil data. We have strong relationships with growers, agronomists, and soil data scientists, which allows us to develop applications and platforms meeting a broad range of needs in this space. Combined with our IoT expertise, we can develop your solution more rapidly than you might expect.


Education is important to our team. Being a family-oriented small business means that we appreciate the needs and requirements children and youth have, when it comes to learning. Not only do we actively participate in community education programs, we have a great deal of experience building tools and platforms that facilitate this growing field. We have also worked on tools in the areas of rehabilitation and special education.


Everyone loves money. So do we. But when it comes to FinTech, the three most important factors are security, security, and more security. We have built secure, stable, and highly reliable finance communication applications, utilized by some of the largest commercial finance corporations in the world. Our platforms are all FIPS compliant, and always meet the strict requirements of the SEC and other regulatory and banking organizations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The challenges of IoT are not universal. We understand this because we have built IoT products from the circuit board up. Universal is the need for experts who know data, and how to process it securely, reliably, and develop the potential value of the data beyond just fancy charts and graphs. Using Machine Learning we have enabled and aggregated some of the most sophisticated data sets and models for clients, allowing them to monetize their platforms in ways they never dreamed.


Online commerce is more than just inventories and shopping carts. Many clients have needs that go far beyond what the off-the-shelf systems provide, for example, complex trading algorithms, bidding systems, logistics platforms, or blockchain-based security. We have designed platforms that meet or exceed the needs of customers who require stringent regulatory compliance, security, and even on-premise execution.


Enterprise applications are often greater in function and utilization than most commercial applications. Understanding the needs of businesses, their clients, and how they operate in the greater context, is part of our expertise. Our team was born out of Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, so we understand how complex tools can exponentially increase efficiency and productivity. In fact, this is something we do quite a bit for ourselves. Whether you need an in house inventory, or communications tools, we are ready and eager to engage. We also have readily available knowledge for building apps that meet specific regulatory compliance, like SOX, etc.


Our founders have deep experience in building platforms for government and military applications. These include areas of data science, satellite technologies, and Machine Learning. Our team has held secret and top-secret clearance when necessary, and have engaged with the Department of Defense and several branches of the military, as well as other agencies. This experience enables us to operate within the confines of the strictest compliance.