How We Save Clients Up To 75%

You had an idea one day; it was an earth-shaking epiphany! You couldn’t get it out of your head. You couldn’t get the ear-to-ear grin off your face. You sat down and started noodling…talked about it with your family and partners and decided to go for it. So, how are you going to turn your idea into reality? What will it take and where will you find the resources to hire the right technical people you need?

Enter Model Rocket. We are a team of highly-skilled, technical experts, with decades of experience in systems, software engineering and development at every level, and deployment at massive scale. Yes, our company name has its origins in model rocketry, but I like to think of it with emphasis on the word “model”, as in your business model, and we are the rocket that launches it. (Apply Now)

A few of the most well-known successes we’ve had include apps and technology for Groupon, Domino’s, and Citrix.  With many success stories to our credit, across a broad spectrum of markets and technologies, we are confident in our abilities to get your product or service to market in the shortest time frame possible.

75% Savings! Where does that come from? Well, if you’ve never built a technology team, you will come to find it’s expensive…very expensive. And, if you are not lucky enough to get the right people the first time, it’s even more expensive to replace a key member. Some of Model Rocket’s team members have been working together for over 30 years. And, not only do we understand how we work together, but there are amazing efficiencies that result in tremendous time-savings for our clients.

Team utilization optimized. Because we work on more than one project, we have very little “down-time” waiting for testing or for a piece of code to be completed. Therefore, we don’t have to charge as much, which results in more savings for our clients. Our teams are kept busy and our clients don’t suffer the cost of under-utilization typically associated with a salaried team.

We can’t work with everybody. Due to the scope and detail required for a successful project, we limit the number of clients with whom we work…but look at everything, and are always happy to provide constructive suggestions. We encourage your to apply, no matter your current phase; from founder to public company. We have the lifting capacity to launch your idea and bring it to life.

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